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RECARO Presents: The Classic Line

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RECARO had a world premiere awaiting its visitors at the Retro Classics trade show in Stuttgart in late February of 2020. RECARO Automotive Seating presented its new product line for classic cars: “Approved by Walter Röhrl”. The multiple world champion rally driver unveiled three new models during a press conference at the RECARO stand on February 27, 2020. Anyone looking for the right equipment for their vintage or classic car now has the choice between two heritage seats, RECARO Classic LS and LX, and the retro racing shell RECARO Classic Pole Position (ABE).

True fans of classic cars are only impressed by outstandingly well-maintained vehicles and true-to-original equipment – which includes the seats, as well. Accordingly, RECARO models for vehicles built 30 to 40 years ago are in great demand. Its three new Classic Line seats are the RECARO way of fulfilling the desire of many aficionados, collectors and drivers for original seats with state-of-the-art features.

Stylish equipment with premium ergonomics

The three seat models RECARO Classic LS, Classic LX and Classic Pole Position (ABE) call back to the brand’s seating culture of the 1980s. Combining stylish vintage looks with the latest results in ergonomics and biomechanics, every RECARO seat fulfills the highest standards of workmanship, style and customized comfort. An ergonomically correct sitting posture helps preserve the driver’s responsiveness and performance, contributing significantly to safety and comfort while driving.

The RECARO Classic LS provides outstanding lateral support, even in tight curves. The driver’s body is also perfectly held in place by a paddable lumbar support and individual adjustment of the seat depth, relieving muscular strain. 
With its balanced suspension, variable seat depth extension, and breathable cover material, the RECARO Classic LX delivers optimal climate control and maximum comfort.
The classic version of the RECARO Pole Position (ABE) combines retro styling with the latest safety standards. This racing shell is approved for road use and blends harmoniously with classic sporty interiors.

Walter Röhrl vouches for outstanding quality

Probably the most famous fan of the new RECARO Classic Line is rally legend Walter Röhrl. In pursuit of the perfect seat, he installed RECARO sports seats in his first racing cars – a BMW 2002 ti and a Porsche 911 S – as early as 1970. From then on, there was only one brand of seat for him: “It has to be a RECARO!”

During product development of the new Classic Line, he contributed his extensive experience, advising RECARO on the design and selection of cover materials. His confidence in the brand is reflected in the “Approved by Walter Röhrl” label that all three Classic seats bear – but it’s also apparent in the fact that in 2020, fifty years after getting his first RECARO seat, he still prefers RECARO, even for his own private cars.

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