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RECARO at the Solitude Revival 2017

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What visitors to the Solitude Revival from July 22 to 23, 2017 experienced was racing history from right up close. It was an international convention of historic racing vehicles, and once again, RECARO was well represented, not only by RECARO brand ambassadors on the track but also with current products.

Each year up until 1965, automobile and motorcycle races drew up to 400,000 visitors to the Solitude Ring outside the gates of Stuttgart, Germany. Even Formula 1 was represented here with the German Grand Prix. Connoisseurs of motorsports consider the Solitude races among the finest events of all time. Since 2011, this special atmosphere can be experience again: Every two years, the Solitude Revival is held at this historic place to commemorate those glorious days. The 11.7-kilometer track gives the owners of the registered vehicles the opportunity to show off their treasures in action before a large audience. Nowadays it’s hard to find a racetrack in original condition, which is only one reason why starting positions at the Solitude Revival are so sought-after. And for visitors, the experience this rolling museum offers is no less unique.

This year, in midsummery heat, they were given another chance to admire the historic vehicles, both right up close in the paddock as well as in action on the track. In various starting groups, the legendary Solitude Ring hosted Grand Touring cars, racing and sports cars, formula cars, and special vehicles in addition to racing motorcycles and sidecars..

Once again, RECARO was in on the action: In addition to “the world’s fastest fire brigade”- the O.N.S. Porsche 914/6 GT from RECARO – an original O.N.S. Porsche 928 was also there. These two vehicles were both used as racetrack safety cars by the O.N.S. (German High Commission for Motorsports) and were sponsored by RECARO at the time. Having been carefully restored, they once more proudly display the RECARO logo. At this year’s Solitude Revival, these two classics took to the track again and again, reprising their role as safety cars.

At the RECARO truck, visitors were able to experience and try out for themselves a range of auto and child seating products. They showed special interest in the latest innovation from RECARO Child Safety, the Zero.1 Elite, which combines a child seat and an infant carrier in a single product.

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