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The #RECAROmoments brand campaign was created in 2021 as a joint project of RECARO Holding and the four business areas: RECARO Aircraft Seating, RECARO Gaming, RECARO Kids and RECARO Automotive. It’s centered around four videos highlighting different moments in the world of RECARO. In this interview with Hendrik Ockenga, in charge of brand management at RECARO Holding, we discover what goes into such an extensive brand campaign—and learn about its ultimate success.

Mr. Ockenga, could you tell us in a few words about the campaign’s focus?

The campaign showcases the many positive experiences that fans of the RECARO brand associate with our products, whether on the airplane, in the car, at the gaming console or with the family. It’s centered around four videos that make these special moments come alive. Using the shared hashtag #RECAROmoments, all four videos have been posted by the four RECARO business areas on their own social media channels, so that each different target audience can see the many sides of the RECARO world. Beyond the four videos, there’s also additional social media materials as well as a video collage summarizing the brand’s multi-faceted image (see YouTube link below) that can also be found on the RECARO Moments shared campaign webpage (visit

What were the goals of the RECARO brand campaign?

RECARO is active in four different sectors, thereby serving very different target groups. While this may present a challenge for brand management, we also saw it as a great opportunity for giving each business area even more visibility beyond its own community. The customers and fans of RECARO Aircraft Seating, RECARO Automotive, RECARO Gaming and RECARO Kids should get an integrated “big picture” of the RECARO brand so they can get to know us even better. We also wanted to bring “performance” even more to the forefront as our common denominator, underlining RECARO as the number one seating brand—and thus the first choice when it comes to improving performance and always giving a 100% effort.

This joint project was initiated by RECARO Holding, whose function is to integrate the brand; as such, we launched the campaign project, oversaw its conception and production, and coordinated its uniform roll-out. It was important for us to bring all four business areas together, pooling our existing capacities in order to make optimal use of the resulting synergies. This meant that everyone involved with the project brought different skill sets to the table, from conception to design to digital distribution. As a result, we were able to share our internal resources and greatly reduce our external costs.

Do you see the campaign as a success?

The campaign was a great success for us—not only externally, but internally too. Our intensive collaboration during the conception stage brought the RECARO business areas and holding company closer together. Not only was it a great pleasure to talk about our common goals and the brand’s different facets, we also developed an even tighter bond and a deeper mutual understanding. And thus with the closely coordinated rollout, we all got a sense of shared achievement.

As soon as the campaign went live, we immediately saw from the many positive reactions from our own communities that the campaign was working well externally too, and how much the fans identify with these #RECAROmoments. And this went beyond the boundaries of each different sector. For example, RECARO Automotive fans also reacted positively to the RECARO Gaming video, and RECARO Kids followers could relate to the RECARO Aircraft Seating content, and so on. Statistically as well, we successfully exceeded our targets in terms of reach and interaction: website traffic saw substantial increases, and interactions on our social media channels also grew significantly.

This let us go beyond the market borders of each RECARO business area in achieving a high level of visibility for our seating expertise and our brand’s broad portfolio of products—while also enhancing the brand’s emotional charge.

Four business areas, one brand: The RECARO campaign video shows a collage of emotional #RECAROmoments:

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