#RECAROmoments: Communication synergies for an overarching brand campaign

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One brand, four business areas, one common goal: creating the perfect seat for every application. On the basis of the passion we all share, RECARO has been inspiring automotive enthusiasts, families, and aircraft passengers for decades, with avid gamers now also joining the ranks of our loyal fans. It is precisely this enthusiasm that is reflected in the new brand campaign, which features fans experiencing special RECARO moments.

The campaign was created as a joint project of RECARO Holding and the four RECARO business areas RECARO Aircraft Seating, RECARO Gaming, RECARO Kids, and RECARO Automotive. In its function as an integrating brand holding, RECARO Holding coordinated the project and its carefully organized rollout. At the heart of the campaign are four social media spots capturing special moments that customers experience with RECARO aircraft, car, child, and gaming seats. Through the month of November, the campaign can be viewed on all RECARO social media channels under the hashtag #RECAROmoments as well as the campaign landing page at recaro.com/recaromoments. This promotional activity is expected to significantly raise awareness of the RECARO business areas.

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Hendrik Ockenga, Director Brand & Communications RECARO Holding GmbH

“RECARO is active in four business areas that differ greatly from one another, as each is associated with very different products, markets, and target groups. This circumstance represents a challenge as well as an opportunity for brand management. We want to use the campaign to make the most of synergies and increase the visibility of the brand across all business areas,” explains Hendrik Ockenga, Director of Brand & Communications at RECARO Holding. A special feature of this campaign is that all four films are being used by all four business areas. In this way, not only is a consistent and complete image of the brand created in the minds of the customers; the visibility of each business area beyond its own target group is also enhanced. 

“The campaign has already had an impact internally. We all enjoyed working together on the campaign, and we were once again able to demonstrate our deep commitment to the brand. This opportunity represented our very own special ‘RECARO moment’ in the context of the team,” says Hendrik Ockenga.

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