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At the beginning of October 2021, young designers came together to receive the Mia Seeger Awards in Ludwigsburg. For nearly 10 years, RECARO has been supporting the foundation as a benefactor. This commitment is an expression of how much the brand cares about young designers and how important fostering design is to RECARO.

“It’s important to us to support a foundation that is consistent with our values and our brand identity,” explains Hendrik Ockenga, Director of Brand & Communications at RECARO Holding. “With our seats, we help people in ways that include the prevention of health risks.” One of the core benefits of the RECARO brand is its contribution to the physical integrity of the individual. The focus of the brand’s work is always to protect and ensure people’s safety and well-being. This approach is very much in line with the Mia Seeger Foundation’s aspirations, which are also reflected in the motto of the organization: “That which helps more than yourself.”  In keeping with this concept, the Mia Seeger Awards highlight products that support and increase people’s well-being as well as evoke positive emotions through good design. “We can identify very well with these ideas,” Hendrik Ockenga adds.

Mia Seeger and her legacy also play a crucial role for RECARO. As a design mediator and consultant, Mia Seeger made a key contribution to the perception of design in the Stuttgart region and played a major role in shaping the highly developed design tradition. “RECARO also has its roots in Stuttgart. It is critical to us that this tradition is nurtured and that the subject of design can be made tangible and visible in the region,” Hendrik Ockenga says. “Another essential point for us is supporting young talent and cultivating contact with the next generation. Young designers often see the world from a completely different perspective and approach their work in a novel way. The Mia Seeger Foundation provides them with the opportunity to present their ideas to a wider audience. We as a brand also seek to keep an open mind to innovations and provide space for them to develop. This is why interaction with young designers who have great dedication to their craft is so important to us. At the same time, we also get regular exposure to talent that could complement our in-house design expertise.”

Hendrik Ockenga with Advisory Board member Stefan Lippert and presenter Markus Brock at the award ceremony (from the right). [Photo: Benjamin Stollenberg]

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