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In these interviews, members from the RECARO executive management and the advisory board and a brand ambassador describe their impressions from the world’s largest computer gaming fair.

Dr. Oliver Krockenberger, Chief Executive Officer of RECARO eGaming:

Gamescom is a must-attend event for the entire gaming community from amateur gaming enthusiasts to professional gamers, game companies, and game designers. For RECARO eGaming, it was the first trade fair presentation since the launch of the RECARO Exo. How did you, as Chief Executive Officer, experience this fair?
Gamescom 2019 was a thrilling experience and a great success. This year, the gaming fair in Cologne attracted a total of 373,000 visitors.
The fair was a great success for RECARO eGaming, too! During the event, thousands of gamers came to our booth and put our RECARO Exo Gaming Seat through its paces.

What was the focus of the RECARO trade fair presence in 2019?
This year, we invited the gaming and eSports scene to test various versions of the RECARO Exo Gaming Seat with different options. We see the seat as an integral part of a professional gaming setup: it must be designed without compromise to meet the needs and the demands of gamers and eSports athletes. Visitors were able to experience the tangible advantages and the increase in performance that the RECARO Exo brings in person and up close in an exhibition area of approximately 120 square meters (ca. 1,291 square feet).
Alongside the versions already available for purchase, we also presented two new color prototypes to the public for the first time at the Cologne fair: a RECARO Exo in a black and white combination and one in orange.
In addition, our seats were on display at various booths of game developers, where they were also presented in awesome setups.

And how have people been responding to the RECARO Gaming Seats?
We had an intensive dialogue with the gaming community. The feedback was very positive. Along with the appealing and modern design, people praised the ergonomics and how good it felt to sit in the seat. The various position settings as well as the easily and precisely adjustable backrest angle rounded off the sitting experience perfectly.

Can you give us a little preview? What trends are you working on? What can gamers look forward to?
First, we are, of course, working on the continuous development of the Exo: from expanding the range of materials to offering accessories. Second, we are also thinking about new functionalities that enhance the gaming experience — but we cannot reveal any more details at this point.

Martin Putsch, Shareholder and CEO of the RECARO Group:

How did you experience Gamescom 2019? What impressions did you leave with?
The presentation of RECARO eGaming was “totally RECARO”: premium, open and clear, in line with our design. It stood out in the gaming environment, too, and matched the iconic quality of the RECARO Exo. We can be proud, and with good reason, of this trade fair presentation. I believe that we made our product very accessible for customers with this approach.

What is your view of the fast-growing gaming and eSports market?
Gaming and eSports are mega markets. Gaming is so attractive because it not only takes us to new, fantastically designed worlds, but also sparks the gamer and athlete in us. The joy of competition and the desire to win are deeply rooted human traits. Gaming has a reach that is probably comparable to soccer — and may even be greater.

Why do you see the RECARO eGaming business area as an important addition for the Group?
The gaming seat plays a very exciting role in gaming. First and foremost, it’s obviously necessary! But because it also enables perfect posture and enhances the performance of gamers, our RECARO Exo is the top choice. All of this fits very well to RECARO, to our expertise, and to our image. I am also pleased to see that this new business area links RECARO with very remarkable people. Gamers are ambitious, enthusiastic, and possess the modern skills of the digital world. They will help shape the future and drive progress. Having such people as customers — and employees — is great for RECARO. This is a win-win situation in many respects!

Hartmut Schürg, Chief Brand & Design Officer of the RECARO Group:

Why do you think RECARO, as a performance-oriented brand, is a good fit for the gaming market? What benefits can it offer the target group?
Performance is the top priority of the gaming target group. Through continuous training and the right equipment players want to become faster and better — while having a lot of fun. The RECARO brand brings unique expertise with many years of experience in performance-oriented seats, which have been designed and perfected for decades by RECARO developers for areas such as motorsport and aircraft.

What design features play a key role in gaming seats in your opinion?
The functional and ergonomic design features of a seat play a particularly important role: they help gamers play long sessions at top performance levels and with deep concentration, but prevent them from putting too much strain on their bodies.
In addition, the design should convey passion for gaming and enthusiasm for the seat. At the same time, the seat should give the gamer a feeling of being protected and instill confidence. This means it must be visually striking, but must also blend into a well-designed living space.

What distinctive design elements make the RECARO Exo stand out?
Our design goal was to make the performance-enhancing properties that the RECARO Exo offers to gamers consistently visible in the form, giving the seat its own and recognizable identity. For example, the sleek silhouette of the backrest and its specially contoured padding immediately show the ergonomic fit.
The distinctive seatbelt slots deliberately evoke the longstanding RECARO motorsports history and originate in the world’s first professional motorsports seat. By the way, the RECARO motorsports seat from 1974 is the frequently copied original of today’s gaming seats — virtually all of them have the form of car seats.
Trailblazing, sophisticated functions, a fit taken from motorsports, high-quality workmanship that can be experienced, and a dynamic look — this all showcases our desire to create high-quality sports equipment for gamers.

Prof. Dr. Burkhardt Funk, Chairman of the RECARO Advisory Board:

How did you experience Gamescom and the RECARO eGaming booth?
Both the entertainment value of Gamescom and the RECARO eGaming booth left a very positive impression on me. The area showing the tradition of the brand was especially well-designed in my view: it illustrated more than 100 years of corporate history to visitors and so demonstrated the commitment to quality of the RECARO Exo.
Overall, the Cologne fair gave RECARO a great opportunity to introduce and impress a new target group of the innovative strength of the brand, and for the brand to rejuvenate itself.

Elmar Deegener, Brand Ambassador and Senior Specialist of the RECARO Group:

What features of the RECARO Exo get high scores in the target group?
Time flies when you play games. Physical needs become secondary. Gamers feel their fatigue or even pain only after several hours. But this is exactly where the RECARO Exo comes in. Its special quality is the perfect alignment of individual features and functions aimed at supporting the gamer’s body in the best possible way.
The Gaming Seat is a completely new development combining more than five decades of seat expertise at RECARO with the requirements of the gaming and eSports community. The combination of seat shell and seat cushion offers superior ergonomic features, supporting and relieving large areas of the body. In addition, an innovative and proprietary seat mechanism was developed for the RECARO Exo: four predefined basic position allow gamers to select their preferred sitting posture for the game. At the same time, the RECARO Exo is also ideal for relaxing: when the swing function is activated, the entire range of angles can be used for rocking and relaxing. 
There are various other features: from 5D armrests to the support of the pelvic region and the “anti-submarining hump.” This unique combination turns the RECARO Exo Gaming Seat into a piece of sports equipment that is a great choice for gamers of all sizes – tall and short, large and small – for both concentrated and relaxed gaming.

You last held the position of Chief Executive Officer of RECARO Automotive Seating. You are now officially retired, but still support the RECARO Group as an advisor. Why have you embraced this project?
Even as a young engineer, I was enthusiastic about seats and able to live my passion extensively in both the automotive and aircraft segments. From 1997 onward, my top management responsibilities then directed my focus to high-level management issues. Deep inside, however, I have always remained a passionate engineer. The Gaming Seat project has thrilled me from the very first second.
I’m not only fascinated by the product, but also by the company as such: we began like a start-up with young people, little formalism, and lean hierarchies. Authority must be earned through competence and the way you treat people. It’s almost like it was back when I started my career. Really great!

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