Outstanding design honored with dual recognition

Two RECARO products receive the German Design Award 2020

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RECARO products feature a unique combination of function, ergonomics and aesthetics. This is true whether the product is a child seat, racing shell, aircraft seat, or gaming seat. Both the “sleeping comfort above the clouds” holistic approach and its integration into the CL3710 from RECARO Aircraft Seating and the RECARO Exo gaming seat from RECARO’s youngest subsidiary, RECARO eGaming, are now being honored for this characteristic design through the conferral of the German Design Award 2020. The prize, which is annually conferred on the most innovative projects and products, is awarded by the German Design Council. This body is Germany’s authority on brand and design.

The international jury of the German Design Award 2020 awarded “sleeping comfort above the clouds” holistic approach and its integration into the CL3710 with “Gold” in the category of “Excellent Product Design Aviation, Maritime and Railway”. The economy class seat provides unique sleeping comfort even on long-haul flights of up to 14 hours. It allows the entire body to relax, regardless of the resting position preferred by the individual. The primary reason for this is the interaction of three special features. The first is the Abrazo headrest, which provides lateral support for the head. This is followed by an additional cushion in the lumbar vertebra area that supports the body. Lastly, the seat has an extended seat cushion, providing the thighs with increased contact area. The jurors highlighted the fact that the concept was integrated into the existing construction frame. This was praised because seating and travel comfort was able to be significantly increased without taking up any additional space. The special criteria that set apart from the competition included sophisticated storage and stowage devices as well as a large display in the backrest.

The brand’s latest product innovation was also convincing. The jury praised the fact that the RECARO Exo is precisely tailored to the needs of the gaming and eSports scene. The jurors particularly appreciated that this was clearly expressed in its progressive, sporty, and dynamic look. The new RECARO Gaming Seat is designed to surround the body like an exoskeleton. This keeps the player in an ergonomic seating position at all times. The correct pelvic position is ensured by an “anti-submarining hump” in the seat cushion support. The upper iliac crest and the lumbar spine are also supported in the backrest. In addition, the padding in the thigh area is designed for perfect seat pressure distribution in order to promote healthy blood circulation. The jury was particularly impressed by the RECARO Exo’s numerous adjustment options. They include the height and angle of the seat, the angle of the backrest, the spring force of the rocking function and the armrests. Such options guarantee that the seat can be adapted to any physique and every need of the individual. On this basis, gamers can always achieve maximum performance.

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