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BL3710 aircraft seat receives Focus Special Mention award

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The BL3710 aircraft seat by RECARO Aircraft Seating has received the Focus Special Mention award in the Public Design category for its outstanding design quality. Company representatives accepted the award for the innovative economy class seat on October 12, 2018, at the opening of the exhibition in the Scala Ludwigsburg.

The RECARO BL3710 economy class seat for short- and medium-haul routes features a unique combination of ergonomic design, light weight, and comfort. At less than 10 kilograms (22 lbs), it is the lightest seat in its class. Thanks to its Ingenious Design and low weight, airlines are able to raise the number of seats in the cabin – and optimize passenger comfort at the same time.

Ingenious Design with innovative features

To enhance the well-being of passengers, decades of expertise and the latest research findings of RECARO Aircraft Seating’s ergonomics department were incorporated into the development of the BL3710 economy class seat.

One of its strikingly unique features is a wide, six-position adjustable headrest, which can be height-adjusted to accommodate passengers of different sizes while providing optimized neck support. The seat’s high backrest is also a special highlight as it allows passengers to recline very far back in their seats and assume a comfortable resting position. In doing so, their bodies are optimally supported by the ergonomically shaped contour of the seat’s upholstery.

To make efficient use of cabin space, the RECARO designers bundled a variety of functions. USB and power supply sockets, for example, have been integrated into the seat’s multi-functional bridge. The RECARO characteristic high literature pocket, optimized load-bearing beams under the seat structure, and the placement of the control box between the seat’s front legs provide more space in the knee and leg area.

Andre Gärtner (Industrial Designer) and Christoph Schürg (Team Leader Industrial Designer) from RECARO Aircraft Seating

Andre Gärtner (Industrial Designer) and Christoph Schürg (Team Leader Industrial Designer) from RECARO Aircraft Seating

Focus Open International Design Award

Baden-Württemberg’s Focus Open International Design Award enjoys a high reputation both in Germany and abroad. Numerous companies and design agencies from all over the world made submissions for the coveted Focus in Gold, Focus in Silver, and Focus Special Mention awards. Innovative products from China, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and Slovakia were entered this year.

All of the award-winning products, including the RECARO BL3710, will be on display at the MIK Museum – Information – Kunst exhibition in Ludwigsburg, Germany, until November 25, 2018.

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