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Ten tips for active families in the cold months of the year

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Mylène Bonjeant

Mylène Bonjeant

Taking a walk with the family in the fresh air is fun and healthy. But parents should correctly prepare to make sure their good mood does not get left behind on stormy and rainy fall days. “With the right equipment, the inside of a stroller will stay cozy and dry in any weather,” explains Mylène Bonjeant, Head of Product Management Stroller at Recaro Child Safety. “That’s why we offer a rain cover accessory for our models. It forms a kind of cocoon which reliably prevents not only moisture, but also wind from reaching the interior of the stroller. Because it is transparent, the children can enjoy the world around them, while always remaining visible to their parents. When necessary, it can be applied and removed again within seconds, such as when the child is placed in the stroller or removed from it.“

The weather is always a prime consideration, even on sunny days. After all, temperatures are now gradually getting colder every week. But with good preparation, low temperatures are no barrier to getting outside with the little one. However, appropriate clothing like a cap, mittens and warm winter shoes are essential.

„When dressing the child, it is important that no metal parts, like zippers, can later directly touch the skin of the child,” Bonjeant says. “These will not only get uncomfortably cold, but in the worst case they can even freeze tight to the child’s skin.” In addition, the child should be able to move around well. “As long as the kids stay active, the cold doesn’t have a chance. This is when the favorite toy can be a good help, for example,” the expert explains.

Beyond that, the right accessories can keep the child cozy and warm. “We have developed a windproof and water-resistant foot muff which protects the child against external influences. The soft lining of the muff ensures that the child stays comfortable,” Bonjeant promises. Warm drinks are also a good way for the entire family to beat the cold. “Anyone who wants to take a thermos with warming tea outside can simply put it in one of the handy drink holders. They can be conveniently attached to many strollers and add an extra level of comfort.“

When snow finally comes in winter, the right equipment is everything. “It starts with the right tires,” Bonjeant says. “Three wheels may look really stylish, but four are much more comfortable to manage in the snow. Especially when they are regularly cleaned and lubricated. A good suspension is also important. Otherwise it can happen that the child gets a strong shaking on scattered sidewalks.” At the same time, it is important to ensure that the 5-point harness fits properly and is securely fastened. “Even with thick, padded winter clothing, you must not neglect to buckle up,” the specialist explains.


Ten tips for more comfort in the cold months of the year:

  1. Don’t give wind or rain a chance: Install a properly fitting rain cover on the stroller well in advance.
  2. The right baby clothing: A cap, mittens and warm winter shoes are essential in the cold time of year.
  3. Take a toy: Keeping moving reliably protects against cold. Keep your child occupied during your outing with the right toy.
  4. Put on a foot muff: Thick clothing alone is often not enough when the weather outside is really inhospitable. Adding a foot muff keeps your little one warm and dry.
  5. Hot drinks for the trip: Many strollers can be equipped with drink holders. These are perfectly suited to hold an insulated bottle with hot tea.
  6. Pay attention to the stroller’s suspension: The stroller must have a good suspension to avoid jolting and shaking the child when walking over scattered sidewalks.
  7. The right tires: In winter, four wheels strollers are more convenient than three wheels strollers. This lets them be more easily and safely maneuvered over snow.
  8. Regular maintenance: So that everything goes smoothly, it is important to regularly clean the tires and lubricate the wheels, especially in the cold time of year.
  9. Buckle up: Make sure that the harness fits properly and is securely fastened.
  10. No metal on your baby’s skin: Your child should not come in direct contact with metal parts such as zippers. In the worst case, these could freeze tight to the skin.

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