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Tradition of innovations at RECARO

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RECARO seats have always been the first of their kind – whether in motorsports, on the road or in the air. Starting with the first RECARO sports seat in 1965, which revolutionized automotive seating, to light and flexible aircraft seats, and on to the first child seat that grows together with the child, the products have set new standards over and over again. The first RECARO Gaming Seat carries forward this tradition.

It is the first time that an established seating specialist is entering the field of gaming peripherals: RECARO has joined the gaming and eSports scene as an equipment supplier. The kick-off for this development was a collaborative innovation project with start-up founders in the gaming scene launched by the RECARO Group in 2016. As the members of the project team realized how alike they are in many respects, and how well suited RECARO was to gaming, the project quickly grew into a new business field for the brand. After all, in the segments in which the brand is already active, it is all about performance and intensity, the joy of competition, innovative technologies, and developing the best solutions for the respective field of application. Users who are always on the lookout for product enhancements and searching for the best equipment have been familiar with RECARO for decades. An example of this is motorsports, where both people and materials are subjected to the most demanding conditions. Here, the seat, as the largest interface between man and machine, provides the driver with direct, split-second feedback. At the same time, the seat’s ideal fit protects and supports the driver, so that he or she can concentrate fully on the race, even during endurance races.

The same applies to gaming, where players only have a few milliseconds to react precisely – to claim victory and avoid defeat. Like motorsports, eSports are competitive sports in which equipment is the key to success. After all, only with the right equipment is it possible to achieve maximum performance. Racing enthusiasts and gamers alike benefit from an ideal seating position where the body is supported and relieved in such a way that they can concentrate on the race or the game without fatigue for a long time.

The RECARO team, which consists of start-up founders and active gamers, recognized these decisive parallels. The team’s initial seat prototypes and tests in the gaming community ultimately underpinned the decision to enter the gaming and eSports market as a provider of premium seats. This heralded the birth of RECARO eGaming. In late 2016, the young team launched a unique project dubbed Fortify. With the gaming community’s involvement, they developed the concept for a seat to meet the gamer’s needs, systematically and from scratch. To ensure impeccable product ergonomics and execution, those responsible at RECARO eGaming also incorporated the in-depth know-how of RECARO Group seating experts and designers. This enabled them to reach an important milestone as early as mid-2017: a prototype equipped with special sensors to determine the ideal seating position for different types of players. Based on these results, the team developed a beta version of the RECARO Gaming Seat that was used at Gamescom 2018 to gather further feedback from the community. After evaluating and implementing the new insights, 2019 will now see the next milestone: the launch of the RECARO Gaming Seat.

Specific ergonomics for the task, optimal functionality, and clean design do not only characterize RECARO motorsport seats and the RECARO Gaming Seat. They are defining traits of RECARO products in general. Innovations are part of the tradition at RECARO. The RECARO brand is imbued with performance in the widest variety of fields. RECARO has developed seats for the automotive industry since 1963. In the early 1970s, these products were joined by aircraft seats, and child seats followed in the late 1990s. The brand also offers 24/7 seats for around-the-clock use in the highly demanding environments of control and monitoring rooms.

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