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Nathalie from “Wunderhaftig” out and about at Retro Classics

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Saturday, 1 PM, at Retro Classics, Europe’s largest classic car exhibition: Blogger Nathalie from Wunderhaftig and her two sons, Taavi (16 months) and Mika (4 years), as well as her husband Yannick, arrive at our RECARO booth. We recognize them instantly – the young family definitely stands out among all the inveterate classic car fans. Mika first takes a seat at our “Young Designers” table and goes to work with great concentration at coloring a sports car in our coloring book; the name Mika indicates at least a certain penchant for fast cars. Taavi has made himself at home in the RECARO Easylife Buggy… because things are about to get started: The family experiences a lifestyle of a special kind, tracing the history of iconic VW Bullis, Porsche 911s of all colors, and the DeLorean from “Back to the Future.” Our RECARO Easylife was also present as the ideal companion for narrow trade fair aisles, tired adventurers, and unique family experiences.

We compiled the best moments here:


Here you can find the entire story with and about Nathalie with kit and caboodle. As this is only available in German, a few excerpts:

On longer trips, we continue to bring a stroller with us. After a while, there is always at least one child who no longer wants to walk. And it’s usually not Taavi… He whizzes around from A to B, preferring to go precisely in the direction in which he is not supposed to go, and he doesn’t get tired in the process. Unlike his big brother, he only likes to stay in the stroller for a short while, especially when there are so many exciting and amazing things to see, like at Retro Classics. But this time Mika-Flynn was also hooked on looking at the many cars up close and was continuously amazed.

At just 5.7 kilos, the Easylife from RECARO is one of the most lightweight strollers in its class. And that’s something you really notice, whether you need to carry it up or down the stairs or fold or unfold it. Even if Taavi is seated in the stroller, I can easily carry him a few stair steps without him having to get out.

Thanks to its compact dimensions in the folded state (H59 x W48 x D26 cm), it fits in even the smallest luggage compartment, including that of our Fiat Panda. And you could easily fit three Easylifes in our station wagon. In particular I find its dimensions, compactness, and lightness great and really convenient, because I don’t like to struggle with a bulky stroller when I go out alone with the children and have to worry that Taavi will be long gone by the time I have finally put the stroller away in the car or have unfolded it. The Easylife is ready to use in a few seconds.

Especially when we were visiting the trade fair and in the crowds, I was pleased with the maneuverability and compactness of the Easylife, because you don’t get in anyone’s way. Taavi had a great view and was able to get comfortable. And when he got tired and cranky, we put the steplessly adjustable backrest into the lying position…

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