Driving comfort in the sky in the midst of a pandemic

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It’s still hard to believe all that has taken place since March. The world has completely changed, and what was known before the pandemic has essentially ceased to exist. At RECARO Aircraft Seating, we pride ourselves on our problem-solving capabilities that we have refined and optimized over the past half-century. Despite the fact that we aren’t able to draw from other experiences in regard to the current scenario, countless individuals have stepped up to lead.

“Managing growth or coping with a crisis requires a lot of strength, as well as the ability to make the right decision and then skillfully and speedily implement it,” said Mirjam Bruhns, Director of Operations at RECARO Aircraft Seating. “We are currently working on projects to increase efficiency in order to emerge from the crisis stronger.”

Mirjam Bruhns, Director of Operations at RECARO Aircraft Seating.

The chaos in the industry is real, and we are tasked to make the most of the current scenario. Not long after the quarantine period kicked off, our research and development teams across the sites began brainstorming innovations that would support social distancing.

“At the moment I am working with my entire team to finish the current customer projects and the strategic product developments of future business and economy class seats,” said Denis Altmann, Vice President Research and Development at RECARO. “I have great confidence in RECARO to make the right decisions to emerge from the crisis stronger than before.”

Denis Altmann, Vice President Research and Development at RECARO

A lot has changed in our daily business routine – home office for employees, new hygiene regulations, virtual Town Hall meetings, and the shift in attitude towards the market outlook. All of these require quick decisions, clarity and focus. Our hardworking employees go the extra mile to serve our customers, drawing from the company values that set RECARO apart.

“It’s been challenging. My own situational leadership style and resilience have been tested in many ways,” said Zach Jooste, General Manager at AAT Composites. “The amount of willingness and creativity coming from the team is heartwarming. One thing I believe in is that ‘tough times build strong teams,’ and we will raise from this situation a stronger team than ever.”

Zach Jooste, General Manager at AAT Composites

This crisis has pushed us to new heights, as we build authentic partnerships with customers and suppliers, as we work side-by-side to face the next challenge. Our vision of “driving comfort in the sky” will not be swayed as we usher in the future of aviation.

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