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RECARO signs the “Charter of Diversity”

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Cohesion is very important at RECARO. Right in time for the 5th German Diversity Day on May 30, 2017, the company once again provided a clear signal against exclusion: Company representatives signed the “Charter of Diversity,” an initiative for the promotion of community and workplace acceptance, one of the guiding principles of RECARO Aircraft Seating.

Integration and successful cooperation are part of day-to-day work at the supplier of aircraft seats. Employees from more than 35 different nations work together just at the company headquarters in Schwaebisch Hall, Germany. RECARO Aircraft Seating is distinguished by its diversity and benefits as a pioneering company from the varied perspectives and influences in the team – which also reflects the complexity of its international customers. For employees, one thing is clear: “We are RECARO!” – Regardless of sex, nationality, religion, age, or sexual orientation. This is an idea that is nurtured at RECARO.

With the signing of the ‘Charter of Diversity,’ we convey to the outside world what is self-evident for us in the company: that we are a community with respect for one another and without exclusion or prejudice,” said Fabian Nickel, Director of Human Resources at RECARO Aircraft Seating. “We want to continue to raise awareness of how important this issue is – not only in the work environment. At RECARO Aircraft Seating, every employee should feel recognized and appreciated.

The company very clearly benefits from diversity. It enriches daily work and furthers innovations more quickly and comprehensively – the executive management and employees of RECARO are convinced of this. Where different cultures work together, a special kind of exchange takes place, and they complement each other. That’s why championing these ideas has been part of the company’s mission for many years. By supporting language courses and providing internships and traineeships, RECARO Aircraft Seating provides practical integration assistance to refugees, for example.

With the signing of the “Charter of Diversity,” the company is joining a long list of companies that are also committed to recognition, inclusion, and appreciation of diversity in the professional environment. The initiative was launched in 2006 by BP, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, and Deutsche Telekom. Since then, numerous companies have signed on each year, and together they are sending a clear signal against exclusion.

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