Anniversary competition inspires total commitment

Team effort at 35th triathlon in Roth

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Last year’s Roth Challenge was already a hot and humid one, heating up the exciting competition delivered by the participants. But this time the thermometer even broke the 30°C mark, as the world’s biggest triathlon marked its 35th anniversary on July 1, 2018. The summer weather was beyond hot, but did nothing to melt the resolve of the over 3,400 individuals and 650 relay teams as they set out on a 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike ride and 48 km marathon. As always, there was an almost familial atmosphere due to the warm support shown by locals from Roth and the vicinity, who also sold snacks and drinks on the roadside.

Of course, RECARO was well represented once again, and not only among the athletes. Besides the brand’s 20 relay teams, its fans also made a strong showing in the crowd with their white caps and t-shirts, already arriving in the morning with great enthusiasm. In fact, for anyone wanting to cheer their favorite athletes, an early start was de rigueur: the starting pistol for the RECARO swimmers was at 9 a.m. But they enjoyed a small perk in comparison to their cycling and running colleagues, since they could cool off a bit in the Main-Danube canal.

For the cyclists, it was the sun and wind that made the next stage a real challenge. What helped them overcome such hurdles was the boundless team spirit, whether from the spectating crowd, teammates in the handoff zone or between competitors. And especially with the hard climb on Solarer Hill, it was probably the encouraging cheers from the fans that made it a bit easier for the cyclists to conquer. For the runners as well, it was the applause of the final stretch that rewarded them for rigors of the marathon. It’s hard to believe that for some of the RECARO teams, it had only been seven months since they first decided to participate. After crossing the finish line, our smiling triathletes were welcomed by their fans, friends and supporters at the RECARO grandstand, where everyone was looking forward to the traditional closing party at Triathlon Park, an event culminating this year in a particularly magnificent anniversary fireworks display.

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